Similar to other websites, xLab uses cookies on to collect and store certain information.

Cookies are small packets of data saved by a website on your computer or mobile device. A cookie file helps identify your actions on the site, and in enhancing your next visit and remembering your preferences.

How xLab Uses Cookies

When you visit and access our service, we generate some cookie files of following types:

Necessary Cookies : These cookies are essential in order to remember opt-in cookie choices on our site.

Analytics Cookies : These cookies help us determine whether you are a new visitor or have visited us before. They help us recognize your interests, and accordingly, help us personalise and improve your website experience.

Performance Cookies : These cookies help us ensure that the site is working properly and identify possible errors on the site if it isn't. These cookies don’t collect information that identifies you, and is aggregated and anonymous.

Controlling Your Cookie Preferences

You can control and delete cookies as you wish.

You can easily accept or reject cookies on this site by clicking "I accept cookies", or "I refuse cookies"

Please note that you can only opt-out of non-essential cookies. Some cookies are necessary, like those that help us remember your cookie control choice. You can refuse non-essential cookies, although this will mean that we may not be able to give you a personalise experience as a result, since these cookies help us measure how well the site meets the needs of its users.

You can also delete all cookies that are already on your computer or mobile device and control your browser settings so that further ones are prevented from being placed. However, if you do this, you may need to manually control your preferences every time you visit a site.

Last modified: August 1st, 2019


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