Training Solutions

From 1-1 code mentoring programs to workshops and highly customised enterprise training solutions for teams, we will help you build the most effective learning plan for your needs.

Enterprise Training Solutions

Create a team of VR / AR Experts

two people in VR headsets solving a problem

We offer a range of workshops and in-house training programs in Unity, a leading Game Development engine in the industry, and an essential tool for organisations looking to invest in VR, AR, MR and Game Development.

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Individual Training Solutions

Master skills to shape your career

person teaching a class

New to the Web and VR industry, or interested in enhancing your existing expertise? Enrol in courses at Internet Academy, the Education Wing of our company, and let us help you achieve career success with skills that give you a competitive edge.

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Learn to Code with CodePrompt

mentor explaining a concept to a student

CodePrompt is one in a line of many projects created by xLab, with the aim of helping you learn to code. Choose from a selection of world-class online courses, with a CodePrompt Mentor guiding you through your programming journey, speeding up your learning process and keeping you on track.

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Need more information?

Whether you are trying to personally enhance your skills or give your team an edge, we would love to be a part of your journey for growth and career success.

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